Story: The Greenfire Campus

The Vision

The vision of the Greenfire Campus is to create a community that demonstrates both sensible and social sustainability. The project aims to achieve a practical balance between green construction and cost-effectiveness. It's like balancing a checkbook – every sustainable choice has to make financial sense.

The Name

The name of the Greenfire Campus comes from the writing of Aldo Leopold, an early environmentalist and pivotal figure in the United States conservation movement. In his book, A Sand County Almanac, Leopold describes a life-changing encounter with a grey wolf shot on a hunting expedition.

"We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes—something known only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters' paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view."

Published following his death in 1948, Leopold's book inspired the formation of the Aldo Leopold Foundation and more recently the film Green Fire.

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What is the Greenfire Group?

Greenfire Group is a team of like-minded individuals interested in implementing and promoting a vision of sustainability for the next century. The group is committed to developing the Greenfire Campus as an example of sensible and social sustainability.

Who are the anchor commercial tenants?

Susntainability-minded tenants Parfait occupy the on-site retail space.

I want to live/work here!

If you're interested in becoming a residential, retail, or office tenant, please contact us at To join the update list and receive information about living at the Greenfire Campus, sign up on the quick registration form on our under Contact on the navigation menu.

I'm a member of the media and would like more information or an interview.

Please contact us at

The Greenfire Group is interested in engaging with neighbors, the larger community, students, educators and building industry colleagues. To learn more about opportunities to bring the Greenfire team to your classroom or event, please contact:

Jesse Anderson
Manager, Greenfire Campus

The Vision

Ahh... fifty percent of the Greenfire Campus will be dedicated to green open space.

The Name

Courtesy of the Aldo Leopold Foundation,

Aerial Rendering

The Greenfire Campus will be home to native plants, urban critters, sustainably-minded businesses and maybe you!

Apartment Rendering

Apartments at the Greenfire Campus range in size from open one bedrooms to live/work lofts.

Office Rendering

A vertical garden on the exterior stairs will grow hops – Greenfire Ale, perhaps?

  • Aerial Rendering
  • Apartment Rendering
  • Office Rendering
Cocial Sustainability

An important part of social sustainability is supporting a sense of community.